Mosque Organisation

Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands



  • Religious Affairs Committee– to promote, coordinate and conduct outreach programmes and schedule events to increase the number of attending musallis in the masjid, both by bringing in Muslims and conducting dawah to non-Muslims
    • Dawah Committee – Brs Abdul-Aziz, Muzaffar and Steve
    • Tableeq Committee – Brs Arshid and Ibtihaaj
  • Treasury – to keep a proper record of the income and expenditure of the masjid, and coordinate fundraising efforts (both for the masjid and for charity) – Brs Muzaffar and Ozair
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Committee – scheduling and ensuring regular cleaning of the masjid and facilities, attending to any maintenance issues – Brs Muzaffar and Ozair
  • Social Committee – organising events which the Muslim community can take part in – Brs Abdul-Aziz and Adnan
  • Education Committee – developing programmes for the education of the Muslim community, young and old(er), scheduling and arranging the Jummah khutbah, arranging the daily post-Isha taleems – Br Arshid
  • Library Committee – cataloguing, maintaining and updating the library – Br Ibtihaaj
  • Community Service Committee – outreach programmes involving the masjid and surrounding neighbourhood – Br Adnan
  • PR Committee – developing and utilising means of generating awareness of the presence of Muslims on the island to the other islanders – Br Salman
  • Legal & Corporate AffairsBr Adnan
  • Internal Arbitration and Complaints – dealing with issues of conflict which have escalated – Dr Satti
  • Jamat Committee – encouraging and ‘ensuring’ there is a jamat for each of the 5 daily prayers – Dr Sida
  • Masjid Projects and Development – initiating and managing projects to enhance the masjid – Brs Abdul-Aziz, Adnan, Arshid, Mansoor and Muzaffar
  • Sisters’ Committee – the Sisters